A poem for my Grandmother




Rest in Peace Bing, my paternal Grandmother, who passed away peacefully on Saturday just gone. I will always remember her at her happiest on the farm in the early morning. The gentle quiet and the birds. All my love.



Bright Day


The fantail is tying


a complex knot,

as if as an illustration,

about one spot

in the air


and then drawing it sharp;



on some frailer string –

the tangled line

in the sun

of a beetle, or other living thing;


throttling it.

It chops that end

short, and

this fantail, in its mantilla –

the swirling,

the blur –

goes off once more, taut; not far


Again, like some applause-igniting


it flourishes a


on that elaborate bow –

is adding, everywhere,

its satin

finishing touches to the morning.



~ Robert Gray, New & Selected Poems (1995)









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3 responses to “A poem for my Grandmother

  1. Anthea Nicholls

    A wonderful tribute.

  2. Spiv

    Bree, sorry to hear about this. Take care.

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