Fieldnote Excerpt: Songs and Worry

‘Yesterday in the evening (the usual time to call kin) my [elder sister] rung [our eldest son] at Galiwinku Island. We had a c.d. playing of ‘women’s crying songs’, which we’d recorded the day before.

I was lying on the bed with her, our other sister and my elder daughter.

She was catching up on the news from the Island etc. but starting laughing after a while and then stopped talking all together and held the phone up to the stereo-player instead. On the other end [our eldest son] put the phone on loud-speaker so ‘bukamak’ [everyone] could hear the recording.

We could hear was riotous laughter and screams of hilarity, and we giggled along listening to our terrible singing on the cd.

Despite the apparent hilarity though it was clear that my sisters were really proud.

They shouted through the phone to our Waku [S] (who was crowded around the phone at the other end) that it was his three Amala – he could hear.

I heard him shout in reply – ‘warwuyun ngarra yukurru nhumalanggu’ [I’m worrying/greiving’ for you!],

‘nha:ma godarr’ [‘see you tommorow’].

[Fieldnote Book 5: 11]


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2 responses to “Fieldnote Excerpt: Songs and Worry

  1. have u still got the song?

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