A sidenote and a fieldnote.




It’s a strange but reassuring feeling to learn that all the data for your PhD fits neatly into two small old cases and a postal tube.

Yes, Bree of the Blakemans has been packing. She is moving interstate to take up a position working as an anthropologist in her beloved Northern Territory. What might this mean for Fieldnotes and Footnotes? Might the blog might look different from here on in, post-PhD and all? I’m not sure, to be honest. It certainly feels like the start of a whole new adventure, but I will also certainly be blogging it.

Anyhow, I thought to note the fact of this transition here and to share a somewhat nostalgic excerpt from my fieldnote book, just because. It’s taken from my fieldnote book from February 2008.


“Today is the fifth of February 2008.

In two days I will have been here for three months though this duration says little. As Michael Jackson woke in a fever of Malaria to remember the importance poetry, so I have been missing it. It is not simply a desire to read or write it (though I did look everywhere in the nearby mining town for a book of poetry – any poetry!), but missing the eye of poetry, and the voice of poetry; not being familiar or comfortable enough with the everyday round to see it through poetry and not being familiar enough with the language to think through, let alone write poetry. But they say (they say), that things get much easier after three months. Perhaps poetry will come again.”



And that’s all for now. This has been a somewhat brief sidenote and fieldnote.



See you on the other side!





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2 responses to “A sidenote and a fieldnote.

  1. Anthea Nicholls

    Hi Bree
    A huge congratulations re finishing your thesis, and managing to keep this lovely blog and even write articles along the way. I was a big disappointment to my uni (CDU) in that I never managed to write a single article while doing my PhD. The truth was I was often holding on by my finger nails and I figured the main aim was to finish and do well along the journey. Anyway, I am now looking forward to meeting you when you come up to the NT. Where will you be working? With whom? I am sure there will be lots to talk about.

  2. Thanks Anthea! The blog actually saved my sanity through the whole process – and made me feel a lot less isolated while writing up. I’m keeping my job under wraps when it comes to the internet, just because I don’t want to feel less able to say the things I say (i.e. I don’t want to be seen to represent the views of my employer in anyway) but email me would be great! Still at Bree.Blakeman@anu.edu.au for a while. Would be lovely to catch you up and have a chat. I’m also keen to work out when any relevant/interesting seminars are on at CDU.

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