Ouch: a pause to rest and recover



inna watjpil


Just a note to say that there may be a short lapse in activity on dhuwala blog, as I take time to rest and recovery after a rather unexpected surgical adventure.

After a few days of abdominal pain I recently found myself in the emergency department of the local watjpil (‘hospital’), and underwent surgery a little while later. The surgical team found a 9-10 cm contorted cyst, which had somehow wrapped itself around my left ovary+fallopian-tube seven times (no less . . . #ouch). Seems it had been impeding the flow+function of much ado in the lower abdomen for some time. Unfortunately the surgeon had to remove my left ovary along with the cyst, but the good news is that this will not affect my fertility. So goodness me, phewph and ultimately really quite yay.

And now to rest and recover.


Warmest of incendiary anthropological wishes,







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3 responses to “Ouch: a pause to rest and recover

  1. LP

    Sounds like you’ve been courageous. I’ve visited that place too.

  2. Rest and recover, yes, and get well soon, or at whatever pace is appropriate. In the meantime, demand hot porridge and treats.

  3. “Demand hot porridge and treats” – I’m onto it! 😉

    Thank you and thank you 🙂

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