Quotations of note: Stanner on the character and person of Radcliffe-Brown

Anarchist May Day march, Sydney (1982) †


I would never have suspected such a character in the sterling ethnographer that was Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown!


“He soon became the centre of a circle of scientists, intellectuals, artists and musicians . . . . He was a friend of some of the men and women whose work and influence were then, and have since been, of much importance in Australian culture and science . . . . Some of his more staid colleagues thought him Bohemian . . . . I am afraid that he was outside the stereotypes of academic Australia. . . . He was gay, witty, and social-minded as well as learned, and airily indifferent to the fact that there were many dully pedagogues who did not care for his style. Many of his views were, or seemed, startingly different, and this gave a convenient focus for the small dislikes of narrow people.”



– W.E.H. Stanner (1955), quoted here by the late anarchist anthropologist Kenneth Maddock in Red and Black: An Anarchist Journal, No. 22, p. 31.





† This image was taken from the following webpage, Anarchism in Sydney 1981-1982: The Jura Split.

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