A lover’ly little poem by Maria Wine


Artur & Maria, second and third from the left (c. 1947)


I am re-posting this poem from some time ago. I thought of it this morning, and I think it’s beautiful. I found it in a second-hand collection of poetry entitled, The Penguin Book of Women Poets (1978).

The following little poem was written by the late Maria Wine (1912 – 2003), a Swedish writer and poet of Danish origin. She was married to the late Swedish writer and literary critic, Artur Lundkvist. From the little I have read it seems that the two shared a rich and dynamic life together until Artur’s death in 1991. It is also apparent that they enjoyed a rather unconventional relationship, which is reflected, however subtly, in the little poem below.



Love Me


Love me

but do not come too near

leave room for love

to laugh at its happiness

always let some of my blond hair

be free.




Translated from Swedish by Nadia Christensen.


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5 responses to “A lover’ly little poem by Maria Wine

  1. Marcoiac

    It’s a lovely poem. I also like her name. Maria Wine. Hard to forget, so simple.

  2. Buenas noches, llego hasta tu blog buscando la versión de este poema en inglés. Saludos desde Argentina.

  3. How lovely, thank you!
    Greetings from Australia back to you there in Argentina also,


  4. Lovely poem, Bree. Thanks!

    Thought you might like this:

    what do you need? a tree a house to
    gauge how great how small our human life
    how great how small when you look up to the top of the tree
    and get lost in the lush luxuriant green
    how great how small when you think how short
    your life compared with the life of trees
    you need a tree you need a house
    not all for yourself just a corner a roof
    to sit to think to sleep to dream
    to write to be silent to see your friend
    the stars grass flower sky

    —Friederike Mayröcker

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