Circumscribed pieces of writing that I may or may not have penned: appearing on a screen or piece of paper near you!




A little excited and ‘umbled to have had my writing appear in two equally prestigious publications in the same week (a fortnight or so ago).

A comment of reply entitled, ‘Yolŋu kinship and the case for extensionism: A reply to Warren Shapiro,’ appears in the latest issue of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 2012, 18: 681-683. The JRAI website can be found via this online link, though I’m not sure if it is available to non-subscribers, which is a little less sub- than ideal.

A slightly different version of a short piece that appears hereon, now also appears in the latest issue of Black Light, which is a newly esteemed anarchist zine published out of Melbourne.



(Marshall Sahlins is perennially great, by the by.)



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Filed under Anthropology, Current social issues, Indigenous Rights

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