Casting a misleading net of neurological association

Unremarkable, everyday thought. A synchronic snapshot of associative neurological firing. Not terribly exciting.


One of those ‘light-bulb’ moments when a whole bunch of previously disparate thoughts come together as a brilliant idea or point of analysis. (That’s a light-bulb, by the way, in the top right corner of the image). A little more exciting in the head.

What would be even more exciting though, is if we could somehow defy logic and the structure and function of the brain, and – drawing on misleading metaphors and analogy (*grins maniacally at Bourdieu and habitus*), harness the variably patterned networks of neurological association that we have built up over time – and use them as SUPER COGNITIVE NINJA-NETS (of networks) OF NEUROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION!?!?!



Just in case you missed it. Rrarr.









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4 responses to “Casting a misleading net of neurological association

  1. Marco Iacoboni

    I am working on it, Bree, I am really working on it! The magic of neuromodulation. Rrarr!!! 🙂

  2. Ah but we’d be doomed from the start Mr Marco! – since any, even incremental form, of stasis or objectification would surely counteract or nullify the actual, naturally occurring super-powers of neuroplasticity. And then what would we do?! 🙂

    • Marco Iacoboni

      No doom, trust me. We just need to find the way, but it’ll work. There is no stasis in the brain. Indeed, that’s one of the complications. Whatever we neuroscientists do, can only interact with the state of the brain at the time we intervene. Which makes our interventions quite complicated to plan. 😦 but that’s also the fun of it, and the philosophical challenge. If I go down this path, I could be rambling for hours. Tennis calls.

      Until next time, Lady Bree!

  3. Ah, yes, but that’s the whole point surely – casting a ‘net’ of a process is impossible, which is why (in a related sense) Pierre Bourdieu’s “fax model” of learning and knowledge is plain old silly (hence the title of the post).

    Have fun tennis’ing and thank you, as always, for your self, thoughts and words 🙂

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