The boring bits . . .


On an anti-boring note I gifted myself a new tattoo for my birthday. It's a pen - to match my (older) field-note book


You may or may not have noticed but there has been a little less thesis-focused writing hereon of late. Nhäwu?

Bili, well . . . editing and formatting one’s thesis is not nearly as challenging, exciting, consuming and/or rewarding as writing the initial draft. Where is all the excitement in my head? Where are all the little light-bulbs flashing? I already know what it says. I wrote it.

Yes, I do realise how ridiculous this sounds. However, to be honest, it really is the most challenging aspect of the PhD at this end stage – forcing oneself to deal with the boring bits – to “just get it done” as someone, somewhere surely says.

(On that note, who would like to hear a handsome poem?)



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