Double, double [trouble] and trouble: an impromptu collective reading of Malatesta


As an anarchist I especially treasure the fact that some of my oldest and most love’ed friends are socialists. I caught up with a number these ol’ friends at a recent IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) fundraiser gig in Sydney . . . and delighted in having them read Malatesta aloud.

Yes, Malatesta is my current boyfriend.

Of course, not all went quite so smoothly. In fact, we didn’t make it past the second page – such was the beer, debate and absurdity. Anyhow, so I have taken the liberty of re-reading the Malatesta article in question in voice-over in the home-video clip of the aforementioned shenanigans. To be fair, no one featured in the clip (except myself and perhaps HZ), endorse or agree with the material over-read. A wonderful night – and a wonderful article.





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