Rambling ‘roun the Snowies


I visited Snowy Mountain country for the first time this weekend just passed.

I am still day-dreaming about just how big the world is up there and how the clouds, and shadows of clouds, recast it anew at every moment. I am certain Francis Jammes would have loved it.

Anyhow, as it happened, after walking through the clouds for some time (dew gathering on lashes and dripping off noses like near and just-spent tears), we unwittingly found ourselves at the top of the third highest mountain on mainland Australia.

Mount Twynam. Quite seriously. It was a completely surreal and astoundingly beautiful moment, which is captured in the film below as we approach the tripod-like structure through the cloud and wind.





So welcoming under-foot was this country, in fact, that I was able to wear my minimalist five-finger shoes the entire ramble without complaint.



Ah, the joys of life.

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