Surprising blog stats: ‘top’ internet search terms


Having spent the morning doing everything except that which I was supposed to – I thought to check my blog statistics.

I was somewhat surprised by the ‘internet search term’ statistics – terms people enter into search engines to subsequently find their way to the blog. The following are the ‘top’ search terms for the past 12 months (those at the top, the most common):


maria wine

social contract

gerhard riebicke

bree blakeman

playboy symbol

onomatopoeia bird names

anthropology blogs

fieldnotes and footnotes

louise bourgeois

ovarian teratoma encephalitis


autonomy value

marcel mauss

totem ethnography


the meatworks robert gray poem

current social issues

david graeber

germaine greer

bree blakeman stronger futures

anger responsibility

artur lundkvist

sorcery polygyny

norah jones smashing bree


Curious. Searches such as ‘norah jones smashing bree’ are obviously people revisiting posts they are already familiar with. That is actually quite lovely.




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2 responses to “Surprising blog stats: ‘top’ internet search terms

  1. Marco Iacoboni

    the norah jones smashing tree is one of the first blogs i read here. hard to forget. powerful. a bit unsettling (which is a good thing). i am not surprised it’s a big hit

    it only shows the power of wine…any kind of wine 🙂 that ‘maria wine’ is on top 🙂

    what would i enter, if i had to look for this blog? i guess its title, hard to forget it too. not on top of your list though 🙂

  2. Surprising that anyone would want to re-read such an awful story though! The Maria Wine entry – I think this may be because her poetry is not reproduced online as much as other poets’ works are, perhaps.

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