Parliamentary Politics: Circus without the Bread


The Labour leadership is in turmoil. One of my indoor plants is slightly wilted. I like jumping on trampolines.

I don’t vote – so perhaps this is a case of my ‘just not getting it’ – but days like today when everyone seems to be genuinely enthralled, concerned and excitably anxious about some internal conflict or power struggle within a major political party, I really do wonder, is all this enthralment, concern and anxious excitement because people really do genuinely believe that a significant part of thier own ‘self’ or selves (their preferences, views, values, opinions etc), is somehow vested in their representative leader?

Having grown up in Australia, I find this rather hard to believe – no one has faith in politicians and/or the parliamentary process – or have I missed something?

Last time this ‘leadership spill’ happened (2010 some time), I rushed to Parliament House to show my concern by rolly-polly’ing down the lawn atop Parliament House. However,  even that seems too much of an effort or over commitment this time around.




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