Reading #2: vlog series of incremental readings from ‘Debt The First 5000 Years’ by David Graeber


Reading #2, pp. 3-4

Ends, bottom of section, p.4 @ ‘After all, they owed money, and surely one has to pay one’s debts.’





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3 responses to “Reading #2: vlog series of incremental readings from ‘Debt The First 5000 Years’ by David Graeber

  1. sorry to hear about your brother, B. Stumbled here looking for ‘Debt’.

    At the frontier, the death of an Indian…(from Hugh Brody, The Other Side of Eden)

    On the outskirts of a small town an Indian, Jimmy, is attacked by three crazed white youths and his body dumped at the riverside…

    “In the spring when the snow melted and the rivers flooded, Jimmy would no doubt be swept away to the river , on currents that carried the logs and rocks and earth of the interior to the Great Slave Lake and beyond towards the arctic ocean…Think of those four minds. The one moving in a country that was his , of which he knew every corner, that he could explain and explore and use and delight in. The other three looking at a “wilderness”, with a tough indifference or resolve, somewhere and somehow, to get get some hold of some part of this place and transform it from nothing into something, from mere land into money, from frontier into a ranch or an oil well or something, just something. Think of one mind filled with knowledge of place and the others empty of such knowledge, filled instead with determination and craziness and anger of youth, reinforced by restlessness and nomadism and technologies from elsewhere….this meeting of minds, this murder, could have taken place-has taken place-on all frontiers between settlers and hunter-gatherers.This time, in 1998, in this place, it was Jimmy Field, Dunne-za. He was man who travelled time in dreams and moved on his lands with awe-inspiring skills…the pain of his death contained all deaths, in all places and all times. The bodies of hunter-gatherers continue to be swept under the ice, frozen , dead, towards the oceans.”

  2. So rich and so kind. This made me cry. I cannot thank you enough. Warmest regards to you friend, across whatever oceans there may be. x

  3. You’re welcome, Bree. Lovely blog. And salams to you as well! 🙂

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