Stop all the clocks and fuck everything: RIP my beloved wäwa



Dhuwala dhäwu ŋayi ŋonuŋ, mirrithirri

‘This story is weighted and heavy’


One of my closest Yolŋu brothers is dead. He was stabbed by a person unknown while visiting family in Darwin. According to all ‘as yet’ accounts his injuries were not immediately life threatening – he would have survived except the houses that he and his friend sought help at refused to open their doors – not one of them called an ambulance. Seeing or hearing that they were Indigenous, the white residents obviously assumed that they were drunk.

My brother was stabbed just after 9pm. He bled to death approximately three and a half hours later on the step of a nearby church. He was 61. He leaves behind an entire kin network in mourning back on the Homelands.


Fuck racism and fuck the colour blindness of politics in this Country.


I’ll be heading back up, returning home to Camp for the funeral ceremony, which (for various reasons) may not be(gin) for another month or two. I will post an obituary of some kind tomorrow. You can see my wäwa being his amazing an’ thoughtful self in one of the interview clips on the Video Series page.

Meantime wäwa this song is for you… marrkap-mirri ŋarra yukurra ŋathi nhuŋu...




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