A new vlog series: Incremental book readings from David Graeber’s ‘Debt The First 5000 Years’


I’ve decided to vlog a series of incremental book readings from David Graeber’s much discussed book, Debt The First 5000 Years. Each reading will be between five and six minutes long (and obviously in order, from the beginning of the book to the end).


Why vlog a book reading?

Why #1: Reading aloud to one another (even via the internet), is a joy and a lovely, productive past time. This is especially true if people may not have otherwise come across or read the book at hand. I was gifted a copy of this particular book by a friend and could think of nothing more fitting than to share  it.

Why #2: There is a rather a large pool of potential ‘reading aloud to’ friends on the internetz. There were 10.9 million internet subscribers in Australia at the end of June 2011. This online population watched a total of 961 million online videos last year – an average of 8 hours video per month. The age group of these viewers was between the 15-24 and 25-34 age bracket. While I think they should all read Graeber’s Debt (along with a long list of other texts), short of this, t’will be grand if one or two share in an online reading.

Any suggestions or advice on how best (or better) to vlog a book-reading series will be very much appreciated (there doesn’t seem to be many online). I’m actually really looking forward to it…


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