What is the collective noun for anthropologists?



A fellow anthropologist and friend asked this question on facebook, which generated the following (edited and slightly amended) thread of replies.


So what is the collective noun for anthropologists? We got called a gaggle yesterday. Then we figured that a gasm of anthropologists sounded good (short for nerd-gasm). Any ideas?


TG. Oh, how about: A culture of anthropologists? *lol* I’m gonna have fun with this game…

FM: I thought you would like this one!

TG: A ritual of anthropologists. 🙂

EH: A parliament of anthropologists?

TG: Parliament already taken by owls. *heh*

CR: an oggle?

TG: An impasse.


FI: A bloody babel –

TS: A complex case[study] of anthropologists? Too pomo reflexive woohooway?

CR: A Sociology of anthropologists. Boooooo!

TG: A scrutiny of anthropologists.

DN: A buttload of anthropologists?

DH: My favorite collective noun is the one for bankers. It’s a wunch.

FI: A Pride?

FM: A wank of anthropologists. More accurate.

TG: ‎*ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* What about: A tellurian of anthropologists?

TG: If you’re going to use a wank of anthropologists then maybe an Empire Of Anthropologists would also be appropriate *heh*

TG: I’m still wishing you could hit a like button twice for DH’s bankers.

FI: A safari. Of dead white men. Anthropologists. Many.

KL: A Dishevel of ethnographers anyway

FM: An exegesis of anthropologists (man this is so much more fun than studying)

TG: A murder of anthropologists? too cynical?

BN: Not for certain sub-genre of consultant anthropologists –  😮

DH: A department? Too literal? What about a conversation of anthropologists?

ML: An argument

ST: That would apply to AASnet  as an online collectivity  :]

FI: Bahahah –

SR: A ‘throp’

JO: The collective noun for lawyers is a ‘competence’. snort. how about a horde of anthropologists?

BN: I don’t think my data is consistent with that model

JS: Bah! I dispute your reality and substitute my own!! lol

MG: A stalk of anthropologists?

SAJ: I like oggle!

AL: A Swot

JO: A habitus of anthropologists? a milieu? A structured structure that is itself a structuring structure? i could go on …

JO: ‎… AAannd i will – a context? A hide (like a bird hide, but for spying on people)? A potlatch?

FM: A big Moka….

JT: Don’t diss the Onka.

FM: It’s a tribute!

JT: I like it then. 🙂


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