Bree [heart] Christmas: season’s greetings or something


I’m finalising the translations in Chapter 3 today, which introduces key local terms and concepts that I refer to throughout the thesis. It is a segue of sorts from the kinship and social organisation chapter to the core case-study based chapters. Only thing is – there are no cafes open within which to write. Present-continuous outrage!



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2 responses to “Bree [heart] Christmas: season’s greetings or something

  1. Thank you for an interesting blog!

    Not related to current post, but wanted to let you know Fieldnotes and Footnotes is included in an attempt at comprehensive anthropology blog list and through 31 December, can vote for 10 best anthropology blogs.

  2. Thank you Jason.

    I’ve actually had a wonderful time exploring all the blogs I hadn’t previously come across listed on Anthropology Report. It’s heartening to know that there are so many anthropologists engaged in important discussions and debates outside academia – the more (and the more diverse) the better.

    Yours in intertextuality,

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