The grass has always seemed a little greener: Occupy Auckland holds its ground

Occupy! Protestors have held their ground for around 65 days in Auckland NZ and Police are tentatively demonstrating some kind of measured consideration – even after trespass notices and Court proceedings were issued against the gathering. Below are two letters of exchange between demonstrators, the Police and the Courts, the first written by demonstrators, the second issued by the Auckland Police.

This first letter was written by Occupy demonstrators on Monday and sent to the Auckland Council while they were in the process issuing Trespass notices and Court proceedings:


This second letter was issued by Auckland City Police Area Commander to the Auckland District Court. It reads in part – ‘Having considered all the circumstances, including that the occupiers are protestors exercising freedom of right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, Police have formed the view that there is not currently legal justification for Police to forcibly remove those in the square pursuant to a criminal trespass.’



Occupy Vive; La Lucha Sigue.

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