Bureaucracy the boogie-monster: breakfast with policy

I half-wrote a post a while ago about an app called Metaphors- mix and extend!, which generates a combination of common metaphors that one has to mix and extend as far as possible in a passage of writing on a particular topic.

There is no such app. I was being very silly at the time, just having listened to (and been inspired by) the David Rawling’s song Ruby, which manages to mix an extended metaphor about Repunzel “letting down her golden hair” with a metaphor about some old time telegraph man “who is just trying to get a message through to you”, with yet another seemingly unrelated metaphor about a lover’s bed being on fire, and then their head, and then their “world”. All on fire.

I actually really like the song, I was just marvelling at the artful mix and match.

Extending metaphors or analogies in my case, is something I have tendency to do, especially when working through unfamiliar ideas or nutting out critical analyses. Of course they all fall by the way-side once I establish what it is that I was trying to ‘get at’ by using them. They are, none the less, a great source of amusement and procrastination in the meantime.

The above image is from my note-book. My mind went on a little adventure at breakfast this morning, thinking about the fact that there seems to be two quite distinct but interlocking gears (or subsystems) that turn the huge ol’ wheel of Government policy; the first being that which creates and sustains the outward appearance of accountability and representation (creates and looks after the paper, paper, auditing, paper etc. etc.); the second being that which creates and sustains what is, in effect, a closed system of accountability (or non–accountability as it were).

It is interesting, I think, to think about the individual cogs, teeth or facets of each and how they interlock to keep the gears and the big ol’ giant wheel of policy turning.

Today is Sunday. Tangents allowed.

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