HAU: hot damn sexy anthropology

This new journal is all open-access ~  free and accessible online to any an’ all a curious mind!


It’s Christmas in my head with flashing lights, colourful goodies and (cognitive) indulgence enough to make me sick!

The inaugural issue of HAU is now available online and the contents page is more exciting than I anticipated. For those of you who haven’t been giddy with excitement anticipating this launch, ‘HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory’ is a new international peer-reviewed, open-access online journal which ‘aims to situate ethnography as the prime heuristic of anthropology, and return it to the forefront of conceptual developments in the discipline.’

Among the writers represented in this volume are David Graeber, Marshall Sahlins, Roy Wagner, Chris Gregory, Laura Nader, Marilyn Strathern, Maurice Godelier and many others – all just as exciting. There is also an unpublished lecture from Edmund Leach and reprints of classics from E .E. Evans-Pritchard, Julian Pitt-Rivers and David Schneider.

Those at HAU have also announced the foundation of an international network of research centres and anthropology departments working together to support the journal HAU – and working together also on two book series, ‘Classics in Ethnographic Theory’ and ‘Masterclasses.’ The foundation is called  HAU-N.E.T., Network of Ethnographic Theory and includes at present the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France), University of Sydney (Australia), University of Manchester (UK), and the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).

A concluding aside: I wonder if the MAUSS mob (responsible for the online journal, website and associated publications in French), will become involved in HAU. The people at MAUSS recently announced that the project was in financial trouble and may discontinue.


I’m off to school to print the entire, whole thing out (there goes the rest of my writing week)!


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