Shane Howard, Thomas Keneally & Philip Batty interview on ABC Melbourne radio

What a strangely handsome combination of folk to interview on Indigenous issues. My interest is always tweaked when Shane Howard is involved – he is an especially, exceptional human being who’s done so much for Indigenous rights.

The link to the audio for this interview is included at the bottom of the post. The blurb is as follows. 

‘The Conversation Hour today was a fascinating exploration of stories from Australia’s past – from the Ned Kelly legend to the Eureka Stockade, the land rights movement and the Western Desert Aboriginal art movement.

Jon’s co-host was Shane Howard, veteran musician and founding member of the band Goanna, who has lived and worked with many indigenous musicians and artists over the years. Their first guest was prolific historian, writer and personality Thomas Keneally, who has written over 40 books as well as plays, screenplays and novels. His latest tome is volume 2 of a projected four-volume history of Australia – this one is entitled Australians: From Eureka to the Diggers, out now.

Shane and Tom swapped stories of settlement history from the perspectives of both white and indigenous Australians, and when they were joined by Dr Philip Batty the conversation turned towards Aboriginal art. Dr Batty has co-curated a world first exhibition of early Papunya art – the birthplace of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement. He talked about consulting with the local Aboriginal communities about which of the over 200 works could go in the exhibition and which were too sacred to be displayed.

via Shane Howard, Thomas Keneally, Philip Batty – ABC Melbourne – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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