Avoiding thesis insomnia: singing myself to sleep

I woke up at 3:52 night before last. I was thinking about exactly how to marry Roy D’Andrade with Nancy Munn. I wasn’t able to get back to sleep until after six a.m., which is just plain silly.

So I sang myself to sleep last night – and it worked. I slept well and I slept right through. I was going to write ‘here are the fruits of that effort [to sing myself to sleep]’ but I don’t think ‘fruits’ is really the right term.

‘Here is a document of that process’, is probably more fitting.

Three things strike me about this clip and my self in it. The first is that I never knew guitar playing involved so many facial muscles! The second is the knack I seem to have for working cat-calls-or-kind-of-short-howling-sounds into every song. Thirdly is just how much I do not actually play the guitar while trying to learn to play the guitar. A skill for sure.

Posting with apologies (you may want to turn the volume on your computer down, quite seriously).

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