Tying up the theory in chapter one

My current level of theoretical insight


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2 responses to “Tying up the theory in chapter one

  1. Boss Hog

    Another insight:

    Here young boys and girls, beauties courted
    with costly gifts of oxen, and danced and danced,
    linking their arms, gripping each others wrists.
    And the girls wore robes of linen light and flowing,
    the boys wore finespun tunics rubbed with a gloss of oil,
    the girls were crowned with a bloom of fresh garlands,
    the boys swung golden daggers hung on silver belts.
    And now they would run in rings on their skilled feet,
    nimbly, quick as a crouching potter spins his wheel,
    palming it smoothly, giving it practice twirls
    to see it run, and now they would run in rows,
    in rows crisscrossing rows-raptuous dancing.
    A breathless crowd stood round them struck with joy
    and through them a pair of tumblers dashed and sprung,
    whirling in leaping handsprings, leading out the dance.

    Iliad 18:693-707

    Good luck with it. You’ll get there.

  2. That is so beautiful. Thank you.
    A despondent moment but I’ll get there.

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