Oh my beloved Northern Territory …. *sigh*

The ‘Northern Territory News’ (NT News) is the only daily newspaper available in the NT. It has a readership of approximately 48,000 Monday to Friday and 59,000 on Saturday. Almost half of the population in Darwin (45.8%) read the NT News each week. The NT News also has a ‘Txt the Editor’ section in every edition. It is really, well – something.

Here are two examples of ‘Txt the Editor’ submissions published in yesterday’s NT News:

“As for us men not being good anuff for
the ladys up here. Their just 2 fussy.
Get ur head out the air and get back 2 earth.
Ur not in sydney or melbourne now.
Ur in darwin were they bred the men tough”


“Cant believe how gamen sum of these
women here in darwin hay? Yea they think they got
it down pat here coz of 5 men to 1 women ratio,
mate u women r fat and lazy with an additude
get ova yourself! 

Mad dog billy bob bayview”





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One response to “Oh my beloved Northern Territory …. *sigh*

  1. Benny Harris

    HAHAHAHAHA snazzy! 🙂

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