Running up the mountain only to edit paragraphs in one’s sleep . . .



At ‘that’ stage of redrafting, where I’m having trouble sleeping. The editorial process continues, to the point where I am actually editing paragraphs in my sleep . . .

Sleeping or ‘being able’ to sleep has never been an issue for me until this last year (or so) of thesis writing. These days, most evenings, I find it impossibly difficult to wind my brain down let alone switch it off. I have mentioned this problem before hereon with regard to my attempting to learn the guitar as a form of ‘non-thesis-wind-down-brain-time’ type of activity. Mixed results (as you may have observed in previous video posts).

My one saviour and lifeline continues to be middle distance trail-running up and around the nearby mountain with my dog. It is not only one of my favourite things to do (in general) but a vital source of sanity as the closest thing I get to something akin to ‘relaxing.’ It is the only activity that demands the immediacy of physical practicalities in a way that shifts my brain effortlessly into non-thesis mode …. and sets me up for a good night sleep.



Praise be the sanity & health that makes thesis writing sustainable!








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2 responses to “Running up the mountain only to edit paragraphs in one’s sleep . . .

  1. Benny Harris

    sooooo, if the thesis doesn’t kill you, the exercise will???? 🙂

  2. One or the other alone perhaps, but together they = the production of joy.

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