Detention censorship?

NT News is reporting the following:

‘THE Federal Immigration and Citizenship Department will censor media reports from inside its detention centres and have a policy of taking legal action against those who break the rules.

Under the “deed of agreement” which media representatives must sign before being taken on a guided tour of a detention centre, the department states at the end of the tour it will ask for any material to be handed over to make sure it “complies with the requirements of the deed”, the judgment of which is at the “absolute discretion” of DIAC.

The agreement also states if the “media content” does not comply with the requirements of the deed, DIAC reserves the right to obtain an injunction or pursue any other legal remedies”.

Further, it also states the media outlet acknowledges and agrees if it breaches the deed “damages may not be an adequate remedy”.

DIAC was not able to give an explanation of that statement when questioned about what it meant.

Journalists are not allowed to “interview or otherwise engage” with detainees anyway but the agreement states any interview material must be immediately destroyed.’

this preliminary report via Detention censorship | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |


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2 responses to “Detention censorship?

  1. This is some astounding deed to be signed by the media everytime they want a story!

  2. You’re referring to the “deed of agreement” that media representatives have to sign before they are granted access? I imagine it must be! In my first and second year as an undergraduate myself and fellow campaigners used to visit detainees at the Perth detention centre (at the airport), and while we did not have to sign any such ‘deed’ the red-tape and ‘due process’ was exhausting and – I’m sure – designed to deter would-be visitors.

    Is the “deed of agreement” to which you refer available online anywhere?

    Kind regards,


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