Women hit with nulla nullas as violence flares – ABC News

Two women were hit over the head in Yarralin. Their injuries aren’t life threatening. This really shits me.

Why did this little snippet make the National media? Is it a) because they are Indigenous b) because they are women or c) because the journalist wanted to use the term ‘nulla nulla’ or d) all of the above?

How many people do you think get hit over the head in nightclubs and pubs and streets and homes in every town and every city in Australia every night?? 

‘Northern Territory police say three women have been treated for head injuries after a tense family dispute in the remote community of Yarralin re-ignited last night.

Last week, a woman was hit with a rock during a big fight in the community, which is about 380 kilometres south-west of Katherine.

Police say people reported fighting in the community again last night, with about 40 people involved in the dispute.

They say the women were hit with nulla nullas.

Their injuries are not life threatening but two of them are likely to be taken to hospital today for brain scans.

NT Police watch commander Bob Harrison says it is believed the latest incident stems from an altercation involving two families on the weekend when two teenagers sustained head injuries.

via Women hit with nulla nullas as violence flares – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

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