Diptych portrait of a deadline & Bree going on about Mauss again

I got new glasses. I also had a deadline to meet today for chapter one, the introduction, overview+structure and theoretical framework for the thesis as a whole.

I am due to meet with my professional Märi and Amala to discuss it on Friday. And while I sent it off in a rather unrefined form (quite unkempt and disjointed even) …. it really, now actually feels like I am finishing the thesis.

What is less exciting and more funny is the diptych (or in effect the triptych of a diptych because I couldn’t fit the photo in the space allowed) of today’s deadline.

The image on the left is a wholesome image of the self at a wholesomely reasonable hour (taking a photo for my Mum to show her my new prescription glasses). The other image is a less wholesome image of self … at a not so reasonable hour after having sent of chapter one … which descended or ascended (it’s hard to tell), into a rather polemic summary of why I think popular materialist interpretations of Mauss’ ‘The Gift’ not only overlook but efface his original moral and political intent.


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