Public holiday in the land of public servants

The roads are quiet, it’s amazing.

Today I’m going to push the thesis redrafting process further on down the line. I feel like it needs a good shove to get it passed the unnecessarily recursive editing stage. So today I’m going to work with the following template (on butcher paper if I can find any). It’s taken from Patrick Dunleavy’s ‘Authoring a PhD’ (2003, p. 200).

The accompanying text I’m using as a guide reads: ‘Drawing out the intellectual themes of your work is a key focus of your effort at this stage. You need consistent themes that run all the way through the thesis, synthesizing your arguments, setting up and framing your research conclusions, and putting the thesis value-added into sharp focus. Figure 8.1 shows that this is not a matter of mechanical reiteration or repetition, but rather of flexibly creating and enhancing linkages across five key elements: the thesis title; the abstract; the first chapter (plus any other lead-in chapter); the conclusion sections of the middle chapters; and the final chapter.’

Right. That’s what I am going to do. I am finally and for once going to do what I am told and I think it will make all the difference to this last stage of the thesis writing process.

I’m going to have a cup of tea with a slice of fresh ginger and watch this clip before I begin for the day.

I’ve been listening to Gillian Welch and Dave Rawling’s new album (Harrow and the Harvest) a lot while jogging. This is an older song but just as sweet and the clip just-so too. They sing and play together as you’d wish to be in love. And then. To work!

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  1. /and he shook it like a chorus girl/ and he shook it like a Harlem Queen/ and he shook it like a midnight rebel, baby/

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