Newsreader sacked for ‘f*******’ rant on air

This buoyed my spirits on a cold and rainy Sunday.

‘A NEWSREADER who swore 13 times in a shocking on-air rant was sacked yesterday.

South African radio presenter Mark ­Esterhuysen, 23, introduced himself as normal before repeatedly using the F-word.

He attacked Johannesburg-based 702 Talk Radio for putting him on the overnight shift and ­criticised police officers accused of murdering a member of the public, as well as hitting out at the country’s right-wing ­Afrikaner AWB party and firebrand politician Julius Malema.

Introducing his 1am broadcast, he said: ‘Good morning, I’m Mark Esterhuysen. F*** racism. F*** the pigs who killed Andries Tatane. F*** the AWB. F*** racism. We are all wild animals meant to live free. F*** capitalism. F*** fascism. F*** this f****** wage slavery graveyard shift. F*** domestication.

‘F*** Malema. F*** the state. F*** the perpetual economic growth on a finite planet. It’s the only f****** planet we have.’

As producers switched on music to drown him out, he added: ‘If you don’t agree with me, please see my blog.

‘Peace, love, respect, anarchy. Follow me on Twitter. You can see me on Facebook as well.’

The station confirmed he had been sacked for the outburst.’


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