Yolngu & the history of their fight against mining (NE Arnhem Land, N.T)

This story is particularly close to my heart. Indeed, many of my beloved adoptive kin feature in this clip, which was put together as part of the Mulka Project at the ‘Buku-Larrηgay Mulka’ art centre at Yirrkala in the NT.

It really is worth watching in full.


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4 responses to “Yolngu & the history of their fight against mining (NE Arnhem Land, N.T)

  1. Mussa

    Thanks Bree. That’s really good one.

  2. It’s fantastic isn’t it! The Mulka Project (and the arts centre up in Yirrkala in general) seem to be producing exponentially impressive and powerful work. I’m almost certain this is on account of the priority and import they give and grant to participatory in-the-process learning (as opposed to the rather horrible ‘on-the-job training’) of local Yolngu mob. The art centre there (Buku-Larrnggay Mulka) and significant individuals and families involved have worked together over so many, many years to make it the important & dynamic hub of intercultural sociality/activity that it is today.

    There is a video on Youtube that documents part of one of the protests that took place at Yirrkala in response to Gov bureaucrats attempting to usurp local org’s and their assets during the Intervention. I’ll post the link if you’re interested.

  3. The Arts Centre has a temporary blogpost while they wait for a new website to be developed. You can find it here: http://yirrkala.com/

    This is the link to the Yirrkala protest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59HAJocVxhU

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