Administrative Communique

Dear Readers,

You will, I am sure, be glad to learn that I am (finally) in the final stages of revising and editing the full draft of my thesis.

This being so I am hoping that you will either forgive or grant me a relative period of silence and stasis on this here blog. 


Love & Anarchy,



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One response to “Administrative Communique

  1. Vain attempt to stay relevant

    Hemingway Never Did This

    I read that he lost a suitcase full of manuscripts on a
    train and that they never were recovered.
    I can’t match the agony of this
    but the other night I wrote a 3-page poem
    upon this computer
    and through my lack of diligence and
    and by playing around with commands
    on the menu
    I somehow managed to erase the poem
    believe me, such a thing is difficult to do
    even for a novice
    but I somehow managed to do

    now I don’t think this 3-pager was immortal
    but there were some crazy wild lines,
    now gone forever.
    it bothers more than a touch, it’s some-
    thing like knocking over a good bottle of

    and writing about it hardly makes a good
    still, I thought somehow you’d like to

    if not, at least you’ve read this far
    and there could be better work
    down the line.

    let’s hope so, for your sake


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    with an Apple Macintosh
    you can’t run Radio Shack programs
    in its disc drive.
    nor can a Commodore 64
    drive read a file
    you have created on an
    IBM Personal Computer.
    both Kaypro and Osborne computers use
    the CP/M operating system
    but can’t read each other’s
    for they format (write
    on) discs in different
    the Tandy 2000 runs MS-DOS but
    can’t use most programs produced for
    the IBM Personal Computer
    unless certain
    bits and bytes are
    but the wind still blows over
    and in the Spring
    the turkey buzzard struts and
    flounces before his

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