Breakaway land council meets resistance – NT News (for what it’s worth)

‘THE PROPOSED new Katherine Region Land Council has met with strong disapproval from around 100 Aboriginal traditional owners and community members.

The proposal put forward by the Jawoyn Association has drawn internal criticism with traditional owner Lisa Mumbin telling the meeting that the association was incapable of running a large and complex organization like a land council.

“The Jawoyn Association thought long and hard about asking for a new Land Council ten years ago – but back then it had strong leaders and strong support from traditional owners. Now it is just a shadow of the proud organization it once was.”

Northern Land Council Chief Executive Officer Kim Hill told the meeting that the  proposal was little more than a “land grab”.

Read more in tomorrow’s NT News.’

From and via Breakaway land council meets resistance | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |


Waiting to hear more from an authoritative source..

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One response to “Breakaway land council meets resistance – NT News (for what it’s worth)

  1. Authorative Sauce

    This “break away” land council represents an egregious manipulation of beauracy, nothing else. I am just a milk man, so I don’t know nothing about your fancy laws and your fancy anthropologies, but when the Country Liberal Party is behind something, I can smell a rat. I’ve got a big milk run and the traditional owners that I’ve spoken to knew nothing about their inclusion in the new land council prior to someone reading about it in the paper. Even in the areas that established the land council through their industrial action, traditional owners were not consulted. Why? Well the devil is in the details. Under amendments to the Land Rights act introduced by John “Big Sunday” Howard, ANY person identifying as aboriginal can vote on the proposal to form a new land council. It;s not about the wishes of countrymen. Traditional owners’ voice and vote means nothing against the thousands of other aboriginal people who don’t have a stake in the game and who seem on my observations to have nothing but a grudge.

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