Thoughts on redrafting like Baklava (?)

My old pinched nerve (in my right shoulder) is playing-up so I am re-drafting from ground level, thus so

Tonight I think that that re-drafting is like Baklava.

Who needs pastiche and bricolage? Cultural studies ruined the ‘palimpsest’ and Roland Barthes (and Humpty Dumpty before him) rightfully killed the author so we must forge ahead with new (silly) similes and/or metaphors.

1. Reading over the chapter for the first time in ages = the thickest base layer of pastry+honey = I KNEW I’d been doing something all this time! I really HAVE written/produced some form of ethnography!)

2. Redrafting awkward/careless/crap grammar and structure and those inevitable neurological ticks that repeat and repeat e.g., “Thus, I have shown…” = necessary layers of crushed or chopped nuts, which are annoying to prepare without a really sharp knife and get stuck in your teeth when reading/eating.

3. The sweet layers of sweet sheets of pastry+honey that hold it all together = those sweetly layers of analysis that one overlays confidently and carefully as it all comes together (with the comfort and parental satisfaction of tucking all-that-one-suspected into a warm winter bed).

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