Good riddance: AFP to pull out of the NT intervention

‘The Australian Federal Police is today expected to announce its official pull-out from the Northern Territory Emergency Response.

Northern Territory police officers will resume policing all remote communities.

Former Territory coordinator-general for remote services Bob Beadman says he was impressed that some AFP officers on a six-month rotation in remote communities were able to overcome cultural differences.

But he says he also saw indications that not all officers made the adjustment to working in remote Aboriginal communities.

“I’ve seen some excellent outcomes from those places, and I’ve seen some ones that leave you a bit wondering whether the police made the adjustment, but people nevertheless put their hands up from interstate to come here and undertake the hard work in hard circumstances,” he said.

“I think that’s been appreciated on the whole.”

But an Indigenous man from Arnhem Land says the Emergency Response and the introduction of AFP has really done nothing for his community.’

via AFP to pull out of Territory intervention – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


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2 responses to “Good riddance: AFP to pull out of the NT intervention

  1. Glottal stop

    You know where I live the AFP were the only cops the TAOs have ever liked. They hate the territory govt. and like the Commonwealth and think that anthropologists are somehow part of “the Union” and care about them. There you go.

    • That’s really interesting. I’m guessing you are on/near station or pastoral country (where TAO’s have an historial affiliation with Unions re worker’s rights and equal pay)?

      The comparison between unions and anthropologists is logical in the sense that both are supposed to act as non-Indigenous socio-political representatives for Indigenous interests in an Intercultural context.

      What do the local mob see as different about/between AFP and the NT police? Is it just that they are more familiar with the latter?

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