From the Greek Streets: The rise of popular assembly?

Apparently the IMF and the European Central Bank have deployed officials to Athens this week to finalise plans with the Greek government for another round of savage austerity measures. How can this be seen as a ‘solution’ to anything? And why should ordinary people be expected to suffer the mistakes of a corrupt government?

With this demise of the government and the mainstream economy, however, comes a rise in radical and constructive forms of direct action and direct democracy. ‎3000 people attended a ‘Popular Assembly’ formed at Syntagma Square in Athens as 50000 people protested the ‘Austerity measures’ for the 6th day in a row. And it seems that the notion of popular assemblies is spreading. Below are decisions and call-outs from the popular assembly in Syntagma Square:

#605 | Decisions of the Popular Assembly in Syntagma, May 29

Upcoming mobilisations and call-outs

  • Monday, May 30th at noon, Stadiou and Sofokleous str: Support of the workers at the Post Bank against its privatisation
  • Monday May 30th, Mars Field (Alexandras and Patision Ave):Demonstration through neighbourhoods to end up at Syntagma square
  • Tuesday May 31st, Karaiskaki square, Piraeus: Support of the dockworkers fighting against the sell-out of the port
  • Call for popular assemblies in neighbourhoods aiming at the spread of the people’s rising up and coordination of assemblies. Monday June 1st, cooking pan demonstration toward Syntagma square.
  • Thursday June 2nd, Klauthmonos square, 11 am: Support of the Telecommunications workers who have a strike and national protest.
  • June 2nd, Propylea: At the same time, education demonstration
  • Saturday June 4th, 11 am, Klauthmonos square: Worker demonstration and support of ATHENS PRIDE
  • Call-out to the assemblies of students in schools and universities on Tuesday and Wednesday for their demonstration to end at Syntagma square
  • Sunday June 5th, call for the repetition of the European-wide day of rising up, or if possible, a global one.Call for the creation of a banner of the popular assembly and its placement in front of parliament.
  • Call for participation in all workers’ mobilisations in the coming days.
  • Call to everyone and all groups for the organising and coordination of anti-fascist action in the following days.
  • Call for actions at the Syntagma metro station.

From and more via #605 | Decisions of the Popular Assembly in Syntagma, May 29 | From the Greek Streets.

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