Anarchist Political Prisoners: A letter from Martino from Dozza Prison (Italy)

On April 6 more than 300 Italian officers carried out a targeted raid on left(ist) activists and associated community cooperatives (some of whom self describe as anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists). The raids were carried out under the rubric (and fudged authority), of an “anti-terrorism” operation dubbed “Outlaw Operation”.

The operation was carried out in 16 different cities including Bologna where police arrested a number of activists and declared the (squatted) community social centre, illegal. In addition, a number of activists were put ‘on watch’ under orders which restrict their freedom of movement. They have been told that they are “under investigation.”

From the sources available it seems that these raids and arrests are part of an “investigation” into one or two ‘zine’ publications (i.e. amateur black&white, home-printed and stapled pamphlet-style political ‘magazines’). These zines are being targeted for denouncing Italy’s immigration policies as well as denouncing the morality of certain multi-national corporations associated with IT and oil.

Of most concern in the course and aftermath of this crack-down is the arrest of five anarchists being held in Bologna: Martino Trevisan, Robert Ferro, Nicusor Roman, Stefania Carolei, Anna Maria Pistolesi. Letters of support can be sent c/o Casa Circondariale, Via del Gomito 2, 40127 Bologna, ITALY

The following is a letter from Martino Trevisan, currently being held in Dozza Prison. May we not pray for his release but actually do something about it.

“The real terrorist is the one who incarcerates and drops bombs, not those who fight against them!

My name is Martin, I am one of the anarchists arrested in Bologna on April 6 a result of another wave of repression orchestrated by the state: an operation that led to the arrest of five comrades, the expulsion of another 7, a large number of searches (carried out simultaneously in different cities) and even the sequestration of the ​​documentation space Fuoriluogo (which goes from being a home where radical critical texts are distributed and that organizes weekly public events, to being an impregnable fortress of the terrorists), in an investigation on which the prosecutor had worked for a long time and which, after some anonymous attacks occurred in the city in one week against IBM, ENI, Emilbanca and Northern League, they decided it was time to pursue (although in the summary of papers that was delivered at the time of our arrest, there is no reference to these facts, with good peace for the reactionary journalists).

In a climate of media lynching aimed at intimidating the many individuals from joining the struggles in which anarchists are committed due to the scorched earth around them (that with Maroni announced its deadly descent into the city) the arrest of someone was necessary.

Because the police are there; the police have been there. It’s all under control.

We are the usual suspects: every expression of non-recuperable dissent must be distorted, circumscribed to a “private war” between power and its declared enemies, to defuse its social trajectory and thwart its potential.

As if, after subtracting the anarchists, in this world of commodities there would only be docile subjects convinced they live in the best of all possible worlds.

Yet notice that in the world in which we live, there is no need to be one of the subversives: from the impending nuclear threat to the war of occupation in Libya abroad; from the ruling militarization to the imprisonment of migrants at home… the daily catastrophe of the society of profit is suffered by everyone.

At a time when the dark resignation that too often hovers over the northern coast of the Mediterranean is illuminated by the insurrections that inflame the southern coast.

At a time when the N.A.T.O. issue a report (Urban Operations in the Year 2020) in which its analysts envision scenarios for 2020 in which the army will be massively used to quell revolts in poor suburbs of large western cities.

In times of crisis, you cannot be surprised if the spread of the anarchist ideal (especially if advocated by individuals who do not wait with folded hands for the future arrival of a free and federated humanity but instead fight here and now, throwing themselves into play) disturbs the dreams of those who command.

In reality when viewed clearly, in a society such as this the only “role” that is ethically acceptable is that of the enemy within:

– I do not want to be complicit in a society that devastates the earth our host

– I do not want to be complicit in an economy that, in order to survive, needs to continue wars and reduce entire populations to hunger

– I do not want to be complicit in the guards who rape and kill in the barracks, in the CIE, in police stations and in prisons

– I will not be an accomplice of a society that develops nanotechnology and genetic modification in order to control life and bend it to their profitability requirements

– I do not want to be complicit in the racism of the immigrant hunt, the prison that awaits those who will not bend to the laws of a country where governments may change but the cameras, batons and barbed wire remain.

– I will not be an accomplice of religious hypocrisy and of the sex tourism which is often its counterpart.

– I do not want to be complicit in the ongoing massacre of millions of animals raised and fattened for food in the animal industry that poisons and starves, or to test products and enter new markets (even if it means inventing new diseases to patent new drugs).

To the contrary, a salutation and embrace to those who fight against all of that: solidarity with the comrades in prison in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and the United States; with the Mapuche in struggle for their land; with the “Freedom Fighters” in the Niger Delta, the insurgency in the Maghreb and every struggle that I do not know or name.

Thanks for the great solidarity shown towards me and the others arrested [on April 6th].

Ever of the party of those who, crushed by a leaden sky, choose to bring the tempest!

Ever more lucid! Ever more furious! Always with head held high! Always with rage! 

For anarchy,


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