Toy cameras and an almost full draft

I have an almost full draft of the thesis and I couldn’t be any more excited and happy and content all at the same time!

I’ve printed each chapter out, hole-punched them, and put them all in order in a handsome white ring-bound folder with my name on it and all the pages all neatly aligned. I commented elsewhere that feels kind of strange, like a cognitive prolapse. But in the best way possible.

I have yet to write any final version of the Introduction and Conclusion because they morph slightly in the course of each redraft (of the body). I will post my thesis structure up later today. For now I wanted to post a short clip taken on my Harinezumi toy camera. I have been messing around trying out new media editing software. I’m going to try Final Cut express next time around. I’m not sure who the musician or musicians are on the featured track. If anyone knows please message me. And to all a good day and night and day etc.

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