Post-fieldwork Note-Poem: missing Kin and camp

The following is a post-fieldwork notebook note-poem. I jotted it down one morning in August last year. I’ll translate (or annotate) the Yolŋu matha text as soon as I have a few minutes to spare.


Today is Sunday,

and the bed-sheets,

fitted-sheets and over-sheets

on my line out the back,

are sails.


Cream like galiku’,

ŋayi yukurra buŋgulwaŋa,

ga ŋuruŋi ŋarra mulkurr-nha







Filed under General personal writings, Poetry turnstile, Thesis/Yolngu related writing

2 responses to “Post-fieldwork Note-Poem: missing Kin and camp

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  2. Ralph

    Today is Sunday,
    And the night police sirens,
    And removals of half filled plastic bottles of Chardonnay
    And the dillettantes in Fremantle
    Who loved the movement in her paint
    And the expression of the ambulances wailing towards
    A week in care or Darwin,
    I miss you, my love.

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