The Mulka Project: ever-impressive Yolngu cultural dja:ma

The Mulka Project and the Buku-Larrngay Mulka Art Centre of which it is a part, continue to produce ever-impressive art and media of local socio-cultural significance to the people of NE Arnhem Land. And they’re just an amazing bunch of people to top it all off.

‘The Mulka Project is a Yolngu Aboriginal multimedia archive and production centre in Yirrkala, northeast Arnhem Land, Australia.

Ever since Yirrkala was founded as a mission station in 1935 on the edge of Yirrkala creek, outsiders have visited and taken film, audio and still images of Yolngu People, and taken these away to museum, academic and personal collections or produced them as documentaries or feature films.

Launched on 3 August 2007, the Mulka Project is here in Yirrkala for two reasons; 1) to get back all the film, sound and images we can into a digital library accessible to the community and 2) to train the current generations of Yolngu to be creative and employable multimedia professionals who tell their own stories for themselves.’

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