The best new music I’ve heard in years

” . . . I lit a fire on my heart to keep me warm . . .”

Kira Puru and the Bruise are an Australian outfit from Newcastle. I’ve seen them play live a number of times and have been blown away every time by the vox of Ms Puru and the uncompromising integrity of their sound. I’m not much of a live music go-er myself but if you get the chance to see these guys play – oh.

Their song ‘Dangerous’ is one of their best (or at least one of my favorites). It’s one of  those songs that you wake up with as a melodic lull in the back of your mind, days after hearing it. It’s the blues to your jazz but oh so loud when it’s played live. You can listen to it here : )

To get a sense of how they present live, have a look at the following performance of their song ‘The Liar.’

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