Sounds of kin and camp (and field work)

I have finally worked out how to imbed audio files on the blog to share some of the sounds of camp life on the Homelands in Arnhem Land.

This particular soundscape (or part there of) is cut from the tail end of a recorded discussion with my two sisters and old Mummy amala about “Mission Time”. With the discussion nearly at a close amala decides to sing. In this particular snippet you can hear her trying to recall a funeral song. Her memory is fading in her old age, however, and her newly revised version is more than a little creative (and cause for much hilarity). She trails off into non-sense and other songs etc. so my sisters (her daughters) carry the song forward correcting and encouraging her.

How I miss the sounds of Arnhem Land (and my beloved gurrutu).

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  1. P.s. I’m almost certain there are quite a few Austronesian loanwords in this funeral song if anybody has a good ear for that kind of thing.

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