Quotations of note: On interdependence

“Being dependent does not invariably mean being helpless, powerless, or without control. It often means being interdependent. It thus signifies a conviction that one is able to have an effect on others and is willing to be responsive to others and to become engaged with them. In other words, there is an alternative to selfishness (which implies the exclusion of others) besides selflessness (which is to imply the exclusion of the self or self-sacrifice): there is a self in relationship to others” (Markus & Kitayama 1991).


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2 responses to “Quotations of note: On interdependence

  1. baz

    That’s a strange definition of independent in the opening sentence. Pretty close to the opposite of everyday usage of the word.

  2. Ha ha – thank you! That was my typing error.

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