Onomatopoeic love and desire in Yolŋu matha

There are so many Yolŋu matha words that seem or sound onomatopoeic. The word ‘duktuk’, for example, sounds (to me) like a heart beat.

duktuk: desirous (of); need, want, like, love.’

Whenever I use the word duktuk I end up with a first-aid, CPR mantra stuck in my head:

… * duktuk, one-thousand, two-thousand, three-thous’, * duktuk, one-thousand, two-thousand, three thous’, * duktuk … 

It should, of course, be ‘one thousand two thousand three thousand blow’  but my networks of neurological association have kindly recast it for me.

I should update my first aid certificate actually ….


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Filed under Incidental, Thesis/Yolngu related writing

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