Something of a new phase in the thesis writing process

Well my financially-lubricated-scholarship days are over! My scholarship ended a short while ago and I have retreated to the family farm where my costs are kept to a minimum. Despite all this I am quietly confident, more than content, and have set April 2011 as my submission month.

At the beginning of the PhD program myself and my PhD cohort were told that the average time to complete a PhD in Anthropology in Australia is ~ 5 years so I am feeling quite good about things. I have work (from early/mid January until perhaps the end of 2011. I’ll be working two days per week on an Indigenous language project up North, which will make me feel useful, keep me fed and sheltered, and keep my language skills up to scratch while I finish the thesis and think of my next move. I will be based in Darwin for the most part – aside from short fieldwork trips to Arnhem Land. Yay is all I can say –  there hasn’t yet been one day where I have not enjoyed the writing process. I think I’ve been particularly lucky in this regard. I could not have wished for better supervision and support. Having said that – the thought of life post-PhD is just as exciting a prospect.

I’ll post my thesis structure outline shortly. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the following silly clip. It’s a documentation of my arrival back home.

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