Quoting Sansom on the Berserk



‘No one can go wild in private and so the berserk is always an essay in communicative work. The sight of a crowd, in fact, provokes it. The objectively deprived person’s awareness of his social isolation is only fully realized in a crowd made up of more fortunate others. What the act of going wild has sociologically to say about its social context relates to the basic demand that governs the more ordinary witnessing of undramatic everyday events. In ordinary witnessing, witnesses are required to express indifference to what is deemed to be the ‘own business’ of others. Indifference is the most general and ordinary expression required in run of the mill witnessing. And the berserk is the ultimate protest, the emotional overflow of the lonely man to whom all others in his current world seem to be collectively indifferent’ (Sansom, B 1980, ‘The Camp at Wallaby Cross’,  p. 101).


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One response to “Quoting Sansom on the Berserk

  1. Alexis

    Anyone can become angry – that is easy.
    But to be angry-
    with the right person,
    to the right degree,
    at the right time,
    for the right purpose,
    and in the right way –
    this is not easy.

    Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

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