Northern Land Council and the trials of political representation

There have been whispers about people organising to voice dissatisfaction with the way the Land Council represents various camps in Arnhem Land for some time. If this article from abc news online is anything to go by it seems like the unrest is more widespread.

One of the nation’s most powerful Aboriginal organisations, the Northern Land Council [NLC], is facing a revolt from Aboriginal groups across a huge swathe of the Northern Territory.

The Aboriginal groups are accusing the NLC of holding up commercial and community developments and they are keen to form their own breakaway land council.

One of those groups is the Mangarrayi people, whose land covers 5,000 square kilometres in the Mataranka region, south of Katherine, including Elsey Station.

“This is our country,” said 73-year-old Sheila Conway, one of several hundred traditional owners of the station made famous by Jeannie Gunn’s novel, We of the Never Never.

“We were born in this country. We been fighting for this station.”

Mrs Conway is angry at the NLC – a statutory authority set up to represent the interests of traditional owners in the early 70s – because it has issued an eviction notice to a company owned by the traditional owners.

See the full article here:

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