Poetry Turnst(y)le: Francis Jammes

I am certain (n.d)

I am certain. Yesterday as the night was falling,

in the shade of the sonorous, wooded hills,

I heard, already, that particular song

the mocking bird sings when the spring arrives.

It is a song that seems swollen with gurgling sap

like water gulped from earthen pitchers.

This morning, the sparrows have their spring voices,

the same ones they had when I was a child.

Like the indecisive season, I hesitate…

I am not sure whether it is spring or winter.

That depends on you, but we must act quickly:

the clovey wallflower loves the sea wind.



~ by the French Poet Francis Jammes d. 1938 ; publication 2010, Canan, J (trans), Littlefox Press, Fitzroy Australia, p. 118).


Despite a great deal of ‘goddiness’ Jammes writes so beautifully about the joy of rural life and a life lived among animals. For more information on the poet see his wiki-page:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Jammes


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