Long live teapots & humour!

It is not very often that humour makes a sortie into radical leftist forums so when I found this dialogue it really did tickle my fancy.

‘The loss of a comrade’ :  ‘Today a teapot was accidentally broken in an anarchist home. The teapot was a good friend to all and a comrade in the struggle. Silent vigils will be held every night for the next 3 nights in Olympia. Come show your support.’




‘Fuck your bourgeois teapot.’


‘Solidarity from greece!’


“Why such a dreary parade of sucked-dry, catatonicized, vitrified, sewn-up teapots, when the Teapot without Organs is also full of gaiety, ecstasy, and dance?” – Deleuze and Guatteari


‘Teapots are a bourgeois decadence.’


‘Smash them. We must smash them in the streets! Glorious rebellion, down with beverages long live guilt!’


‘I am a tea without a pot.’


‘What is this?’


‘Dry satire.’


‘Proper tea is theft’


‘The primmies did it! The primmies did it!’


‘Troll on, worker, troll on.’

> /end/

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